Barefoot Band

ADAM VENTOURA (Australian Greek)
Music Director
Bass & vocals, Double, electric and acoustic bass guitar, Cavaquinho (Brazilian ukulele)

Drumset & percussion

Originally from Peru Giorgio Rojas performed extensively with his family band, Mi Tierra, from a very young age. Since moving to Sydney he has played in all of the top Latin and world music ensembles including Reyes de la Onda, Armandito y su Trovason and Samba Mundi. In 2011, and again in 2014, he joins the highly successful Broadway smash-hit dance show Burn the Floor to tour the world. Founding band member of Barefoot Divas.

Drums & Vocal, Percussion – congas, timbale, cajon & hand percussion
Stringed instruments – charengo, guitarron (Mexican guitar)
Wind – zamporia (pan pipes), quena (flute)

Steve is one of Sydney’s most in-demand musicians, playing drumset and traditional South American string and wind instruments, as well as Latin percussion. He performs with his own band Son Veneno which toured extensively though Europe and the UK, Merenia and the Way, Sonido, Samba Mundi, Victor Valdes, and has played with musicals, Dirty Dancing and Smoke and Mirrors on the West End in London. Founding band member of Barefoot Divas.

DANIEL PLINER (Australian Jewish)
Piano & Keyboards

Daniel Pliner is a composer and pianist living in Sydney. He performs with the instrumental hip hop trio, theAsthmatix, which features turntables and violin, with the band Dereb the Ambassador, a Ethiopian-soul group featuring legendary Ethiopian singer Dereb Deselegn. They have performed at the Tokyo Jazz Festival and WOMAD. He currently plays keys for the highly acclaimed Barefoot Divas. Daniel has also been involved in development of the Sydney alternative-rock scene, as a member of the groups Slimey Things and Darth Vegasand is active in the Latin music scene and performs as a member of the groups, Watussi and  Reyes de La Onda. He has also worked with Latino artists such as Ordequis Reve (Cuba)Bill Summers (USA) and Edwin Bonilla (Miami).

Guitar & Vocals.
Sings in Maori language

Percy comes from Gisborne and Rotorua on the East Coast of New Zealand and has been performing, singing, recording, and touring nationally and internationally in a wide variety of musical contexts for most of his working life. He has sung and played guitar with the likes of Randy Crawford, Daniel Merriweather, Gin Wigmore, Gary Pinto, Sean Paul and Guy Sebastian. Percy recently returned to New Zealand, after many years living in Australia, to pursue his interests in Māori language, Māori musical instruments, and cultural studies at Waikato University. Founding band member of Barefoot Divas.